The month of may ended, and the lockdown loosened here.

Published on Tuesday, June 02 — 20K14

Hello there! I’m writing this before KoiKoi is published but I decided that I would start to log what happened lately.

As I write these lines, the lockdown loosened here in France. We can walk in the streets freely, pubs and restaurants may open today. The lockdown was not a wonderful period for me. Strangely enough, it felt good in a selfish way; no responsibility, everybody was going through the same thing as me. But now that I’m stuck at home for absolutely no reason besides my fear, I feel like I am the weird guy.

I also gave up on a healthy lifestyle. My goal, for the time being, is to get back out there, avoiding the risks by following WHO’s advice, and resume my art practice. Time to work on my photography again and face a post-plague world! Now, let’s talk about what happened during the last months.

One of our MacBook Pro died. I had to lend mine to my partner, so she could work. Our local Apple Store is not yet open, so I’m still working on my old ThinkPad X201. The transition was not smooth as it wouldn’t boot at first but once I depleted its battery, the machine booted without complaining. I also migrated to Elementary OS and ditched Arch Linux. I needed a work environment that I could maintain. My only notable addition is my Openbox configuration. I also installed a ncmpcpp server that I control from my local network.

During my free time — or mental availability moments — I worked on the project that hosts this very page: KoiKoi, a fork of Oscean. So far, I didn’t change anything on a functional level since the system work well for me. I added cosmetics and design changes to make it feel like home.

While we talk about home, I created a forum in 2020. I missed this kind of space online. Mastodon is a great platform but real forums are a better way to communicate and organize discussions. If you are interested in sharing your experiences in visual arts, you should check INTRFC.

That’s all for my first update, I’m crossing my fingers for what I’ll do next.

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