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roy niang is a Eurasian artist, photographer and graphic designer born in 1994.

He is a 2017 graduate of Université de Bordeaux with a Licence in Psychology, and a 2019 graduate of Université Bordeaux-Montaigne with a Licence in Bookselling — Fine art and comics.

He shoots by instinct every moment that catches his attention: textures, odd or funny moments. roy niang documents a fictional life in his autobiographical photography. His practice of photography is an exploration of his mind and place in this world to produce a photographic alter ego.

roy niang’s work is strongly tied to the craft of film photography and the narrative of the confessional literature.

You can reach him via email at roy[at]royniang[dot]com. He’s also on the fediverse on the Merveilles instance, Pixelfed, as royniang on Freenode, and Instagram.

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