The Journal shows recent activity.

This is the visual diary of my recent activies


Navigation picture
20P10 — Navigation
Busy 9front session picture
20O05 — Busy 9front session
A new home picture
20M02 — A new home is live picture
20J08 — is live
HyperCard portrait picture
20I13 — HyperCard portrait
ガロ picture
20G07 — ガロ
ほんやら洞のべんさん picture
20G03 — ほんやら洞のべんさん
Bombed shell picture
20F14 — Bombed shell
Busted Moleskine picture
20F11 — Busted Moleskine
Lockdown cleaning picture
20F09 — Lockdown cleaning
The Pebbles keyboard picture
20F07 — The Pebbles keyboard
Leica M5 picture
20F02 — Leica M5
Out of focus picture
20F01 — Out of focus