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20M02 — A new home

The machines that assist me.

My main creative machine is a MacBook Pro Retina (13 inches, mid-2014). It runs macOS Catalina and OpenBSD. For more technical work, I switch to my ThinkPad x201 which runs 9front and Crux Linux. I also tinker with some Raspberry Pi to serve my music, emulate old consoles, or to mirror locally some git repos.

My mechanical keyboard and my wireless ThinkPad mouse are plugged to a USB dock that I plug to the computer I currently use. If I have some design work, I also use an old WACOM Tablet.

I rent some remote servers for fun. I use them for non-critical services. They run werc on top of nginx as a web framework, and Discourse for INTRFC.

softwares i use

Bombed shell picture
20F14 — Bombed shell

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